Most are familiar cannabis edibles in the form of brownies or cookies, but recreational markets for edibles has exploded in recent years, leading to gummies, cakes, candies, chocolates – even sodas and lemonade.

The experience ingesting edibles and infused beverages is much different from smoking cannabis. Whereas smoking requires the lungs to absorb cannabinoids, edibles introduce them through the digestive system and process the active ingredients through the liver, resulting in a longer, sometimes more intense high. It’s not uncommon for edibles to take between 30-60 minutes to start working, but they can also last between 4-12 hours depending on potency and THC content.

Edibles don’t carry the negative health aspects of smoking cannabis and can be discretely consumed, providing a body-intensive high rather than a head high.

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Photo: A display of edibles at Bud Nation (original)

As with any other medication or supplement, the effect of edibles varies greatly based on weight, lifestyle, metabolism, and nutrition. It’s widely recommended that new users begin with 5-10 mg per dose until one’s tolerance is better understood.

Consuming an excess of THC through edibles or cannabis-infused beverages is rarely a pleasant experience, but if you find yourself experiencing paranoia, limited coordination, or hallucinations, you may have gone a bit too far. However, symptoms subside within a few hours. Eating food and drinking water will help reduce the effects while your body processes the substance.