Concentrated cannabis that can be absorbed through the skin or digestive system, topicals, tinctures, and caps have long been used as medical treatments, but with recreational legalization coming online in more states, the wider the range and availability of these forms of cannabis.


From infused lotions to balms, oils, and creams, topicals are applied to and absorbed through the skin to help reduce pain, soreness, and inflammation. They have no THC content; therefore, medical patients can take advantage of the therapeutic aspects of cannabis without the psychoactive effects. Other delivery methods are slowly being introduced including transdermal patches, lubricants, and more.


First available in the U.S. as a pharmaceutical solution to reduce pain and nausea, cannabis tinctures were outlawed in 1942 along with other forms of cannabis. Highly effective and potent, tinctures are alcohol-based cannabis extracts. Despite the potency, tinctures are actually good entry points for recreational or medical users who are averse to smoking or other consumption methods. Self-titration is easy; simply measure 1mL of the tincture solution and put it under your tongue. Tinctures last several years and can be incorporated into many foods, meals, and drinks.


A potent alternative to smoking, cannabis extracts can be ground into capsules and mixed with natural oils to ease digestion. Aside from allowing users to avoid the smell, smoke, and health effects of smoking, capsules have a steadier dosage and provide a more predictable and reliable high.